New 5 Days Quarantine Rules UK

New 5 days Quarantine Rules – 25th Nov 2020

Travelers reaching UK after 15th December will now be allowed to choose to either self-isolate for 5 or 14 days.

Before we get excited about being able to come out of quarantine quickly, let’s consider a few things..

If you choose to go for 5 day quarantine, you can NOT apply for free government testing kit as that is only allowed if you have symptoms, have been advised by the hospital or your council.

Travelers flying to the UK will have to bare the costs of a PRIVATE Covid test. Most high-street pharmacies are currently charging anything between £40 to £350.

Some do’s / dont’s:
• You can take the test on or after your 5th day of quarantine. Not right after reaching UK.
• If you choose to book a test, you will need to state this on the passenger locator form BEFORE arriving and then go straight into self-isolation at home as usual.
• If you choose to opt in after arrival, you will need to resubmit the passenger locator form.


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