Deakin University, Australia has announced the Vice-Chancellor Scholarships Program for 2022: for Indian students, worth up to INR 30 Million!

Deakin University in Australia has devised a magnificent prize for Indian students who continuously achieve academic excellence. This celebration of the university's three decades of fruitful cooperation with India and its bright students.

The university president has thus given scholarships worth Rs 30 million to Indian students just in order to strengthen the link and make the institution a more welcome environment for Indian students. Vice-Scholarships Chancellor's are the official name of these awards, which are provided to eligible Indian students who desire to attend Deakin University in Australia to further their studies.

He continued, "These ongoing efforts to offer scholarships and bursaries have contributed to a vibrant and prospering Indian alma mater community at Deakin University who are continuing to put forth new and forward-thinking ideas for the benefit of the university to be a global leader in offering impactful and research-based education." In his closing remarks, he stated that by assisting worthy students in reaching their full potential and capacity, the institution is experiencing great satisfaction and delight.

Along with this fully supported scholarship, the Vice-Professional Chancellor's Excellence Program (VCPEP), which brings in professionals in the fields of Science, Technology, the Arts, and more, gives deserving students a chance to network with leaders and achievers from across the globe.

Note: Due to the limited number of great Indian students who receive these scholarships each year for their UG or PG programs of study, there is a lot of competition. Deserving candidates who intend to apply to Deakin University's July intake this year are currently eligible to apply for this award. Since it was started in 2014, 35 scholarships have been awarded.

Another promising fact about the Vice-Chancellor's 30 Million Scholarships is that, in addition, 25% of the scholarships go to deserving Indian students, and 20% of the bursaries go to students who are financially disadvantaged.


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