Admission Requirements For International Students

Although there are no hard and fast requirements for studying in Latvia, however, there are some minimum requirements that one needs to follow.
       ● Students must have an original valid Passport.
       ● They must carry a Passport-sized photograph with white background and 35X45 cm in size.
       ● They need Academic Documents, including 10th and 12th DMC's, Graduation Certificates, and Graduation DMC's.
       ● Students must clear any of the below English Language Proficiency Requirements Certificate.
              ○ PTE
              ○ TOEFL iBT
              ○ IELTS
       ● Curriculum Vitae is also required.
       ● The student must have a police clearance certificate.
       ● Students must get their original bank certificate with at least Rs 4 lacs as financial proof.
       ● The bank certificate must show the student's name, date of birth, and passport number.
       ● Students must issue an International debit card from the same bank.
       ● Other required documents are:-
              ○ Application form
              ○ Invitation letter.
              ○ Guarantee letter.
              ○ Admission letter.