Best Universities in Ireland

Ireland stands in the 8th position for the number of universities in the list of top 100 universities. Higher education in Ireland is termed tertiary education. The list of the top universities of Ireland is as follows:
      1. Trinity College Dublin (TCD)
      2. University College Dublin (UCD)
      3. University College Cork (UCC)
      4. Dublin City University (DCU)
      5. NUI Galway
      6. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
      7. University of Limerick
      8. Maynooth University
      9. Technological University Dublin

The first 7 are in the Republic of Ireland and the last 2 are in Northern Ireland. All the universities of the Republic rank amongst the top 500 universities according to the QS World Rankings of the Universities.

Apart from these, there are 14 Institutes of Technology, offering programs at different levels, such as degrees, national diplomas, and national certificates in a wide range of subject areas.

The areas for subject courses to choose from has a vast list ranging from Agriculture, Food & Nutrition Nursing, Biotechnology, Design, Finance and Economics, Hospitality and Tourism, Information Technology, Journalism, Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Production Management, Psychology Science, Software Engineering, Sport & Performance, and Veterinary Medicine.