Career Opportunities

Looking at the history of Canada, the country ranks in the top 5 nations attracting foreign students. A tripling of the numbers was observed for the past decade of international students’ admission. Canada backed 1st position as the country with the most knowledge workers as reported by The Global Competitiveness Report 2000.
Studying in this beautiful nation not only enhances your intellect but also creates an environment for your professional journey. With opportunities like Co-Op and part-time jobs, you gain work experience while you earn money that you invested.

Co-operative Work Term

This is a part of the curriculum that most courses offer. This is a full-time work experience for 12-17 weeks, depending upon the college and the course. With hands-on experience, students get co-op programs in the field of specialties.

Part-time Jobs

There are a lot of jobs that a student can do, apart from the studies. There are many employment opportunities available both on-campus and off-campus. On-campus jobs are generally the ones required to work under the supervision of a professor, for research purposes, or as an assistant professor. The job openings are usually put up on the college’s bulletin.

The off-campus employment sector is inclusive of all jobs, be it of a cook, clerk, teacher, web designer, sales associate, customer service representative. The salary to be expected can range from $12/hr to $22/hr. Individually from these, a flourishing sector is that of a translator. If you are fluent in French, there are good scopes for you.