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To be well-versed about the working rights of any country before applying is a foremost priority, and should be considered as such by the prospecting students. In this section, we will discuss the Australian work rights and the types of jobs, both part-time and full-time, that one can do in order to recover the returns on their investment of pursuing an international degree.

Work Rights

The work rights for foreign students in Australia are as follows. One can work for 20 hours in a week or, as they say, 40 hours in a fortnight. This is for the term when the course is in motion, although on the holidays/ vacations one can work for unlimited hours. Having said that, the master’s and Ph.D. scholars are not limited to these regulations, meaning, they can work for unlimited hours throughout.

Not just the students, the spouse, or the common-law partner can also work for similar hours. The partner that has moved on a dependent visa can work for 20hrs/week, however, if the student is a full-time Ph.D. scholar, the partner is allowed to work for unlimited hours, full-time.

Subsequently, the post-study work rights are also lenient. If you have graduated with a 2 years bachelor’s or master’s degree, you get a work permit of 2 years. For a master’s by research degree, you will get 3 years post-study work rights, and Ph.D. graduates receive 4 years of work permit.

Part-time Jobs in Australia

The best time to earn is whenever you start. However, if you start working while studying, you gain experience and knowledge that is required for boosting your career after completing your degree/diploma. That’s where the role and importance of part-time jobs and side gigs come into place.

Generally, a student can earn up to $13 - $20 AUD per hour and can easily save money for paying the second year’s fee, all while covering one’s own expenses. Some of the fundamental jobs in Australia for Indians, that people generally choose are Retail sales jobs in supermarkets, departmental stores, in restaurants, cafes, and bars, in hotels and motels, farming, and related activities, sales, and telemarketing, administration or Clerical roles in different companies, and as a Tutor – both personal as well as in institutions.

There are a plethora of jobs that allow you to work from home, therefore you can make that a source of your passive income while continuing with your studies.

Part-time jobs
Payscale (per hour)
Uber Eats Delivery
$10 - $20
Factory/ Warehouse
$25 - $40
Cashier Jobs (Supermarket/ Petrol/ Station)
$25 - $40
$24 - $35
Casino/ Gaming Employee
$27 - $40
Responsible Service Of Alcohol (R.S.A.)
$30 - $50
Gaming Industry License/ Casino License
$600 - $900 (per week)

After the imposition of lockdown during the covid-19 pandemic, there is a spike observed in specific employment sectors, like teachers, registered nurses, web developers, web specialists, SEO specialists, and construction workers. Moreover, these are the highest-paying jobs in Australia.

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