Masters in Germany

Germany, being the birthplace of research institutes, is the best place to further your higher education. As the tuition fee is gratis, there are many scholarships for masters for talented students.

Most master’s degrees are taught in English, thus there is no major language barrier. With the top-ranked universities, Germany has a rich and historic education system. Having a record of more than 500 universities and a preponderance of them offering scholarships and other funding opportunities to foreign students, Germany has become the most favorable country for higher education, especially past graduation.

There are majorly 4 types of universities.
      ● Research universities (Universität)
      ● Technical universities (Technische Universität)
      ● Universities of applied science (Fachhochschulen)
      ● Colleges of art, film, and music

The masters in german universities usually last for 2 years, having a credit score of 120 ECTS credits. Out of which, three quarters are earned through modules, coursework, and exams. The remaining quarter is to be earned by the dissertation project report.

Admission Requirements

There are certain prerequisites that you need to have in order to enroll in a master’s program. The foremost being, your bachelor’s degree should be from a reputed institute and has to be recognized by the german university that you have applied for.

Apart from these, you are required to submit details of your secondary education and a well-structured CV. Certain universities might also mandate an interview to check the competence of the applicant, while some universities have entrance tests that are competitive in nature.

The requirement for German language proficiency is not a necessity, although depending on your course requirements you might need to have a German language level of A2 or B1.

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