Part-Time Job In Switzerland For International Students

The students residing in foreign countries often choose to work part-time while studying in order to be able to pay off some of the living expenses. In general, a student can earn anywhere between CHF 20 to 35, depending on the ability and skills of the student and the type of job.

The working rights for international students are set by the government of Switzerland at a maximum of 15 hours per week. Apart from this, the demand for skilled laborers is mainly in the engineering and IT sectors, Financial Analysts, Consulting, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, and Business Analysts.

Important things to note

The part-time work permit of an international student is approved after 6 months if the following conditions are met:
           ● An official application is made by the employer;
           ● The salary and working conditions are in line with country and industry standards;
           ● The university confirms that the studies will not be delayed or disturbed;
           ● There is no link between the job content and the doctoral studies; (in the case of students pursuing Ph.D.).

How to find jobs in Switzerland

There are many ways by which a student can get a work opportunity. Some of them are mentioned below:
           ● Local newspapers, specialized magazines, and specialized websites
           ● International students career services in universities
           ● On-campus job placements
           ● Websites:
                  ○ http://www.academics4business.ch/
                  ○ http://www.students.ch
                  ○ http://www.sbf.admin.ch/eracareers/jobs.html

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