Part-Time Jobs In Hungary For International Students

When staying in a country different from your own, it becomes important to work part-time for some students. This proves to be a great source to pay for one’s expenses while studying and sometimes, one can also pay off their educational fees.

However, there are some general rules and regulations set by the Hungarian government for the students that are not from EU nations.
      ◆ The international students can work for 20 hours a week during term-time
      ◆ In the course of the vacation period, the students are allowed to work for 40 hours per week.

The foreign students can earn up to €500 to €800 per month, sometimes even higher depending on the company. The popular jobs that the students take up as their side gig are:
      ◆ Service Rendering,
      ◆ Tutoring,
      ◆ Arts and Crafts,
      ◆ International Business, and
      ◆ Start-Up Companies

Some things to note while applying for part-time jobs in Hungary are as follows:
      1. Make sure that you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date as it is the foremost thing that Hungarian employers look at.
      2. Your Resume/CV should be well updated.
      3. Search for jobs that go with your skillset and study schedule.
      4. Aim for multinational corporations as the chance for rejection due to the language barrier is less.
      5. Seek internships and have an open mind while applying for other jobs.

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