Part-Time Jobs In Malta

Since living in an overseas nation can be daunting owing to the living expenses. Although European countries are pocket-friendly for students, the assets are always needed to work through the study duration.

Following is a list of possible expenditures that a student living and studying in Malta will have to bear.

Basic Expenditures
Cost of Living
Rent700 EUROS
Domestic Utilities90 EUROS
Internet Subscription34 EUROS
Local Transport (Monthly)26 EUROS
Cost Per Meal8-10 EUROS
Cinema Ticket9 EUROS
Pint of Local Beer3 EUROS

The student visa holder can work either full-time or part-time. Apart from the resources careers, students indulge in side-gigs in order to cover up for their spendings in the education institutions. Below are some options mentioned in order to give you an overview of the jobs that you can do on a part-time basis.

     ●  ACCA Tutor - Full Time / Part Time.
     ●  Hotel Receptionist
     ●  Delivery Person
     ●  Office Clerk
     ●  Catering job
     ●  Content writing
     ●  Babysitting
     ●  Nurse
     ●  Cleaner

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