Part-Time Jobs in Denmark

Students living abroad find it common to work alongside their studies. Numerous industries of Denmark provide express work opportunities for students allowing them to work for the permitted work hours, 20 hours per week to be precise.

Jobs in these companies open up the doors of opportunities for the students as these provide hands-on experience while also working as a medium of building networks along with confirming the probability of securing a job after graduation.

For the foreign students, who are not fluent in speaking Danish, may find it difficult as knowing the basics of the language helps a long way. There are many ways an international student can get a job opportunity in Denmark. Some of the most prominent pathways are listed below:
      ➔ University resources
              ◆ The universities have on-campus jobs for students like teacher assistant, student cafes, etc. where a student can work part time.
              ◆ The universities/colleges have a career centres aimed at providing assistance to students in finding part-time jobs related to their field of studies.
              ◆ The students can book an interview with the career counsellors for guidance.
      ➔ Danish online websites
              ◆ There are a lot of official Danish websites that provide employment opportunities to the international students.
              ◆ These websites are: Work in Denmark, Jobindex, The Hub, and Skillscanner by Globuzzer.
      ➔ Apply for specific jobs
              ◆ If fluent in Danish- customer service, cleaning jobs, and delivering papers.
              ◆ Not fluent in Danish- souvenir shops, restaurants and cafés in Copenhagen as it is a tourist place.
      ➔ Networking
              ◆ By networking when meeting new people
              ◆ By creating a profile on LinkedIn, a very popular medium in Denmark for job hunting.

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