Part-Time Jobs in France

Working part time in France is a conventional practice and is the one that international students go for while studying. The French Government also promotes the side gig of the students and thus allows them to work for 20 hours per week and 964 hours during the year when the term is in session. The student can work full time when they have vacations.

All the students, including the ones who are admitted in the primary year of the university and the ones who are there for a language course are authorized to work part time. However, the students who have opted for a course with a duration of 6 months are allowed to work for 472 hours merely.

The minimum wage set by the government of France is at a rate of €9.76 per hour (before taxes), and after reducing, it comes out to be around €7.61 per hour. So an international student makes approximately €7900 per year.

Apart from this, the students can get a job at the university that they are studying in. Generally it is a one year contract and the time is split as:
      ● 1st September to 30th June - part time - 670 hours (max)
      ● 1st July to 31st August - full time - 300 hours (max)

In addition to these, some university programs have inherent internships and training. On the contrary, some university courses do not allow the students to work part time and thus they cannot work.

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