Part-Time Jobs in Netherlands

When a student lives abroad, they aim to go for part time jobs while studying. The Netherlands government allows international students to work during their studies. The work rights for foreign students is 10 hours per week and 2 months (full-time) during the summer vacations (June, July, and August).

However, in order to work, the student needs to apply for a temporary work visa (TWV) from the UWV (Netherlands Employee Insurance Agency). After the completion of the studies, the student can apply for a search year/orientation year if they wish to work further.

In addition to the above mentioned requirements, a student needs to keep the following in check in order to work while studying:
     ● Public Healthcare Insurance
     ● Social Security Contributions And Taxability Of Income
     ● Dutch Language Requirement

Primarily driven by the manufacturing sector, Netherlands has a strong economy while also being known as the European transportation hub. Some of the popular sectors for graduate jobs in the Netherlands are:
     1. Energy Sector
     2. Water Resource Management
     3. Aerospace And Mechanical Sector
     4. Information And Communication Technology
     5. Banking And Finance

The minimum wage for full time workers as set by the Netherlands government is as follows:

Per month
Per week
Per day

21 year and older

€ 1.701,00

€ 392,55

€ 78,51

20 year

€ 1.360,00

€ 314,05

€ 62,81

19 year

€ 1.020,60

€ 235,55

€ 47,11

18 year

€ 850,50

€ 196,30

€ 39,26

17 year

€ 671,90

€ 155,05

€ 31,01

16 year

€ 586,85

€ 135,45

€ 27,09

15 year

€ 510,30

€ 117,75

€ 23,55

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