Part-Time Jobs in Poland

Students belonging to non EU countries indulge in working part time during the course of their studies. The international students have the liberty to work for 20 hours per week during the time when their term is scheduled. An important and intriguing factor is that the students can work full-time for 3 months in continuance during their holidays or vacation period.

The documents that will be required by the students when applying for a part-time work are as follows:
      ● Valid passport
      ● Employer's job offer
      ● Residence permit
      ● Health insurance policy

Work opportunities

Once you get settled in, you might want to work while continuing your studies in order to pay off your expenses. There are many jobs that a student can do who is not fluent in the Polish language, however, it is suggested that you get a basic learning of the language. This will allow you to communicate more with ease and will widen your work opportunity range.

There are a lot of jobs that a student can do, but it all depends on the management of time, keeping in mind the study schedule and body preparedness. However, a comprehensive list of the types of part-time work that most international students go for is given below:
      ● Auto construction (painting/packaging of car parts, auto mechanic)
      ● Construction (handyman, painter, foreman)
      ● Electric power industry (electrician)
      ● Hotel and restaurant business (waiters, chambermaids)
      ● Food industry (sorter, packer, baker)
      ● Light industry (mechanic, machine operator, knitting machine operator)
      ● Beauty and Health (masseur, hairdresser, nail service technician)
      ● Medicine (nurse, nurse technician)
      ● Furniture industry (cabinetmaker, seamstress, upholsterer)
      ● Manufacturing (welder, fitter, grinder)
      ● Job at warehouse

How to find a job?

Now that you have read about the various types of jobs that you can do as a side gig, you may ask how you will get into one. There are many resources through which a student can get part-time work opportunities in Poland.
      ● Polish outstaffing companies
      ● Acquaintances of migrant workers
      ● Polish recruitment sites
      ● Classifieds in newspapers
      ● Ukrainian companies, providing employment services in Poland
      ● Common websites such as:
              ○ Praca.pl
              ○ Jobs.pl
              ○ Linkedin.com
              ○ Bestjobs.eu
              ○ Careersinpoland.com
              ○ Indeed.com

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