Part-Time Jobs in Singapore

As stated by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore, the overseas students pursuing their higher education in Singapore are licensed to work for 16 hours per week when the term sustains and full time for unlimited hours during the vacations.

The students need to keep the following in mind, when applying for the part-time jobs:
      ● The students should be enrolled in a full time degree course in one of the approved institutes.
      ● The international students should have a valid student pass that is promulgated by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

A student is not eligible to work part time or full time in the following cases:
      ● If the student is enrolled in a college other than the ones listed in the official site of the Ministry of Manpower.
      ● If the student is enrolled in a student exchange program for the study modules in Singapore.

Common jobs that international students choose Once the student’s institution permits them to work while studying, the students are at liberty to work within a limit of 16 hours at maximum.
The jobs that a student can do in order to be able to pay off some of their expenses are:
      ● Data-entry Operator
      ● Waiting or Kitchen staff in restaurants
      ● Interpreter
      ● On-Campus Jobs
      ● Freelancing
      ● Customer service provider
      ● Packing or warehouse management
      ● Bartending
      ● Laundry cleaning (dry cleaning)

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