Part-Time Jobs in Spain

The Spanish student visa permits the visa holder to work temporarily during the course of the academic years. However, there are certain conditions that a student needs to keep in mind. The working hours should not surpass the limit of 20 hours per week and the part-time job should not meddle with the study schedule of the student. However, you can work full-time during holidays but not for more than 3 months.

There are a few more things to keep in mind:
      ● The employer has to acquire a work permit from the Foreign Nationals Office if he wants to give a student holder a job.
      ● The contract of employment should not surpass the total course duration of the study visa.

A point to note is that for the training and internships that are a part of the education program, the student does not need to obtain a work permit.

On average, the part-time job salary in Spain for international students is between €8 and €20.

Some Conventional Jobs in Spain

Of all the jobs available in the market, the students generally take up the following jobs when they are on a study visa in Spain, as these jobs help in adhering to the rules associated with the particular visa.
      1. IT support specialist
      2. Telemarketing
      3. Restaurant server
      4. Security guard
      5. Social media assistant
      6. Content writer
      7. Tutor
      8. Fitness trainer
      9. Driver
      10. Cashier
      11. Book-keeper
      12. Babysitter

Spain is home to some of the largest enterprises, ranging from automotive, IT, pharmaceuticals, food, and travel. Some of the big names are as follows:
      ● Banco Santander (finance)
      ● Telefonica (telecommunications)
      ● Repsol (energy)
      ● ACS (construction)
      ● Iberdrola (energy)
      ● BBVA (finance)
      ● Inditex (clothing retail)
      ● IAG (air travel)

How to find jobs in Spain?

This is a question most of the foreign study aspirants get puzzled by. Don’t worry, we have put together the resources for the students. To find jobs in Spain, there are a lot of ways a student can be hired.
      ● Expatica jobs
      ● EURES
      ● Public State Employment Services (Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal).
      ● Online websites
               ○ Graduateland
               ○ iAgora
               ○ Primer Empleo
               ○ Next Station
               ○ The Guardian
               ○ The Local
               ○ ThinkSpain
               ○ Ambient recruitment
               ○ Approach People Recruitment
               ○ Talent Search People
               ○ Tecnoempleo
               ○ Xpatjobs
      ● Recruitment agencies
      ● Networking
               ○ Traineeships
               ○ Internships
               ○ Volunteering

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