Part-time Jobs in Germany

Since it has never been in vogue to work as a side gig while studying, especially when you are an international student. But before starting, it is crucially exigent to get aware of the working rights of the residing country and the rules and regulations associated with it.

As an international student, you are permitted to work part-time. However, you need to abide by the laws:
      ➔ During class timings, you can only work for 20 hours per week.
      ➔ During vacations, you can work full time making up to 40 hours per week.
      ➔ For full-time work, you should not extend the limit of 120 days of working.
      ➔ For part-time, you are allowed to work 240 days a year.
A stay back of 18 months is authorized to the international students after completion of their course. During this lapse of time, the student needs to find a job.

Requirements for Employment Seeking

There is a checklist of documents that you need to have when applying for a job on a student visa. A brief catalog is given below for your assistance.
      1. Address registration
      2. Tax ID
      3. Social security number
      4. Passport
      5. Visa
      6. Student registration

Job Hunting

A minimum wage has been set by the government of Germany, standing at 9.19 EUR/hour. In addition, if your monthly earning is 450 EUR, you are exempt from paying taxes. However, if you earn more than that, you have to pay a certain amount. You can find employment in Germany in various ways.
      ● University bulletin board
      ● University career centers
      ● Online job portals
      ● Friends and fellow students.

The work opportunities in Germany are not less, but the students prefer working in the following fields while studying.
      ● Academic assistants
            ○ Library supervisor
            ○ Literature researcher
            ○ Tutorial assistant
      ● Off-campus jobs
            ○ Waiter/Waitress
            ○ Trade Fairs
            ○ Courier
            ○ Babysitter
            ○ Bartender
            ○ Cashier
            ○ Filing office documents
            ○ Media (Journalism students)
            ○ Tutoring (Students in teacher training)

Existing as a huge economy in Europe, the trade is scattered all across the realm of the nation and thus the work opportunities in Germany will never perish. A short description is given below so that you can choose where you could find the jobs of your niche.

Trade Speciality
Trade And Media Companies
Munich And Stuttgely
Automotive And Manufacturing
Leading Financial Capital
Startup Capital

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