Poland Scholarships

There are various types of financial help provided by the Polish government. Along with it, many colleges and universities provide numerous, course-based scholarships to the students.

Some scholarships for international students:
      ● The Gen. Anders Scholarship.
      ● The Poland My First Choice Scholarship.
      ● The Bilateral Cooperation Exchange Scholarship.
      ● The POLONISTA Scholarship and Fellowship.
      ● The Stefan Banach Scholarship.
      ● The Visegrad Scholarship.
      ● The Eastern Partnership Scholarships for post-soviet countries.

Some of the common scholarships provided to international students who wish to study in an European Union country are listed below:
      ● CEEPUS exchange programme
      ● Eastern Partnership and Post-Soviet countries scholarships
      ● Scholarships for citizens from developing countries
      ● Fulbright Programme
      ● Visegrad Scholarship Programme

Apart from these, the government of Poland has created an establishment, called, Polish national agency for academic exchange. This agency provides grants, scholarships and works to carry out the functioning associated with the academic mobility amid Poland and other nations.

For more scholarships specific to the course of your choice and the estimated cost of education, you need to contact the college or the university directly. Don’t worry, we are here to help you at every step. Feel free to reach out to us in the chat box below or contact us directly.