Scholarships In Spain

The reasons to pursue a higher educational degree in Spain have a never-ending catalog. One cherry on top is the scholarships and other grants provided to international students. A lot of international scholarships and bursaries that are provided by private institutes, universities, and the government are fully as well as partially funded.

The government of Spain acknowledges the expenses a foreign student has to cover when studying on land other than their own, that is why they have introduced numerous scholarship programs specially designed to help the students by offering financial aids.
      ● Spain Government Scholarships
      ● UIC Barcelona Scholarship
      ● European University of the Atlantic
      ● University of Granada Scholarship
      ● MIT- Zaragoza Scholarships
      ● Esade Ramon Llull University Scholarships
      ● Comillas Pontifical University Ph.D. Fellowships
      ● IMDEA Networks Institute Ph.D. Scholarships
      ● Barcelona Supercomputing Center Scholarships

Nonetheless, there is certain documentation required if you wish to apply for the scholarships. A detailed list is given below to aid your scholarship application submission process.
      ● A complete scholarship resume with a photo
      ● Doctoral degree applicants will prepare a research proposal
      ● Master degree applicants need to make a study plan
      ● Undergrad degree applicants are required to write a statement of purpose or a motivation letter.
      ● Specified scores in required tests as defined by the specific scholarship programs and attain required scoring such as for IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, etc.
      ● Make sure to prepare health clearance documents if required
      ● Two original letters of recommendations

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