Scholarships in France

When a student is living and studying in another nation, it becomes arduous for students to be able to pay off their living expenses while paying for the education. The French government recognizes this and thus, the French Embassy in India in collaboration with numerous French companies grant a total of up to 11 crore Indian rupees to around five hundred meritorious students.

The French Foreign Ministry awards various scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The following scholarships in France for Indian students includes many further financial helps:
      1. The Charpak Scholarship Programme
      2. Raman Charpak Fellowship (Ph.D.)
      3. La Femis
      4. Eiffel Scholarship Program Of Excellence
      5. Make Our Planet Great Again (MOPGA)
      6. Scholarships For French Language Teachers
      7. The Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarships For Foreign Students

The Franco-Indian Education Trust, the joint initiative of the Embassy of France in India and Krishnakriti Foundation has also set up some financial aids to help Indian students aiming to pursue their further studies in France. Some of the scholarships of this union are:
      1. UGAM Legrand Scholarship
      2. Shikhar Thales scholarship programme
      3. Bahman Samandari scholarship programme
      4. Amba- Dalmia scholarship programme

In addition to these, there are some school-based scholarships awarded by the higher educational institutes.
      1. Emile-Boutmy scholarship
      2. Universite Paris Saclay IDEX Scholarship
      3. ENS Paris Saclay
      4. Rennes Business school
      6. EDHEC Business School
      7. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program.

For more information regarding the eligibility criteria and the requirements for the scholarships, contact us directly or reach out to us in your nearest branch.

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