Scholarships in New Zealand

Living in a foreign nation comes with a lot of difficulties, but the most significant one is when the student has to pay high tuition fees and living expenses. Therefore, to ease the shoulder tension of the pupils, the New Zealand government has worked up some scholarships for international students. Following is a list of government-funded financial aids.
          ● New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS)
          ● New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships
          ● New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)
          ● NZ-GRADS New Zealand Global Research Alliance Doctoral Scholarship
          ● SEG Scholarship
          ● Palmerston North City Mayor's Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship

Apart from these, there are specific university scholarships available for students showing high academic achievements.
          ● Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
          ● Lincoln University
          ● Massey University Doctoral Scholarship
          ● Southern Institute of Technology
          ● University of Auckland International Student Scholarships
          ● University of Canterbury
          ● University of Otago
          ● International Excellence Scholarship - University of Waikato
          ● The University of Waikato- Michael Baldwin Memorial Scholarship
          ● Victoria University of Wellington – Latin American Academic Achievement Scholarship

Other scholarships that are aimed at helping international students to study and not be worried about the fundings:
          ● AusIMM New Zealand Branch Education Endowment Trust Scholarships
          ● Barbara Wood Memorial Foundation – Scholarships
          ● Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
          ● Go Overseas Study Abroad Scholarship
          ● Reserve Bank of New Zealand University Scholarships
          ● R. H. T. Bates Postgraduate Scholarship
          ● Surfshark Privacy and Security Scholarship

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