Scholarships in Switzerland

Of all the reasons to pursue your higher studies in Switzerland, the abundance of scholarships awarded by the government of Switzerland and the education institutes, universities, and colleges, makes it even more preferable for the students.

The Swiss confederation awards government excellence scholarships for international students who aim to pursue their higher education in the beautiful nation of Europe.

Below mentioned are some of the financial fellowship plans and scholarship programmes:
        ● Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships For Foreign Scholars and Artists
        ● Swiss Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program
        ● IMD Excellence Scholarships for Developing Countries
        ● EXPFL Excellence Scholarships
        ● The Graduate Institute, Geneva Refugee Scholarship
        ● Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program / ETH Scholarship
        ● UNIL Master’s Grant
        ● Graduate Institute: Geneva, Financial Aid
        ● Excellence Scholarships Of The University Of St. Gallen
        ● Excellence Masters Scholarships
        ● Alfred Werner Masters Student Scholarships
        ● Medicus Student Exchange Scholarship

Although the entire pedagogy of Switzerland is famous among the students, the MBA courses hold a different level in the preference scale. However, MBA is universally expensive throughout the world. To the relief of students there are several MBA scholarships as mentioned below:
        ● IMD MBA Class Scholarship for Emerging Markets
        ● Forte Fellows Program
        ● University Of Geneva IO-MBA Scholarships and Fellowships
        ● IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships
        ● IMD MBA Merit Scholarships
        ● Royal Academy of Engineering - Sainsbury Management Fellowships

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