Student Visa Of Spain

Before you apply for a student visa in Spain, you should be well-versed with the two types of Schengen student visas that are there in Spain. The difference between both lies in the duration of the study course and the documents required.
      ➔ Short term student visa-
               ◆ This visa allows the visa holder to get enrolled in a short course offered by various colleges and universities such as language courses.
               ◆ This visa lasts for up to 180 days and the student cannot enroll in a course extending 90 days.
               ◆ This visa cannot be extended in any circumstances.
      ➔ Long term student visa-
               ◆ The visa holder is allowed to take up courses that have a duration of more than 6 months.
               ◆ After the visa application, the student has to apply for a residence card within a month of arrival in Spain.

Spain Student Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

The visa processing time for a Spanish study visa is around 2 to 3 months. That's why it is crucial to apply well in time. When applying for a Spanish study visa, it is important for a student to gather proper documents. A brief list of the records that are required is mentioned below.
      ● 2 completed Schengen Visa application forms
      ● Passport (valid until the end of your stay)
      ● ID Card (could be driver’s license or national ID card if applicable)
      ● Current student ID
      ● 2 recent passport photos (one for each application form)
      ● Letter of acceptance from the course provider
      ● Health insurance
      ● Proof of sufficient funds to cover stay (bank statements)

For a long-term student visa, there are some additional requirements in the documents list.
A student is required to provide
      ● Medical certificate
      ● Certificate of no criminal conviction
The application fee for the Schengen study visa is $67.

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