Student Visa for France

The student visa depends on the duration of your stay. For courses less than 3 months duration, a short stay student visa is required. For those longer, a long-stay visa is needed. Further, there are certain categories of the long stay visa type.
      ➔ The long-term visa used as Residence Permit (VLS-TS)
              ◆ For Bachelor's and Master's studies: The Student VLS-TS Visa
              ◆ For Doctorate studies: The Talent Passport VLS-TS Visa
              ◆ For internships: The Internship VLS-TS Visa
      ➔ The temporary long-stay visa (VLS-T)

Now you may ask what is the difference between the two and why would you need a temporary one? To answer this question, the temporary visa is the one that allows you to stay in France for one year. Although it doesn’t need any validation on your arrival in France, this visa cannot be renewed. Nonetheless, you get the benefits from the French Social Security and are allowed to travel to other Schengen countries.

However, before starting your visa process, you first need to get enrolled in a university/college program. There are certain requirements that the universities of France mandates when an applicant files for admission. A comprehensive list is given below for your reference.
      ● A Campus France authorization
      ● A passport copy
      ● A passport sized photo of yourself
      ● Copies of transcripts and graduation diplomas
      ● A copy of your European health card (for EU students)
      ● Application fee (if required)
      ● A civil liability certificate
      ● A cover letter
      ● French and/or English proof of language proficiency
      ● Proof that you have the financial resources to fund your stay in France

Student visa requirements for France are not a hodgepodge but a streamlined process. Although there are some mandatory documentations that one will need in order to file for a visa application petition.
      1. Completed university application
      2. High school and college transcripts
      3. Valid passport
      4. A passport sized photo
      5. Sample Essay
      6. English proficiency results (PTE, IELTS, Duolingo etc.)
      7. Copy of birth certificate
      8. Certified translation of the birthplace of your parents
      9. Proof that you can support yourself financially
      10. Any other required document depending on the University
      11. After admission: A French Student Visa

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