Student Visa for Singapore

To study in Singapore, a student needs to file a visa application, and in this case, a student pass application. However, the student is exempt from requiring a student pass if the study period is summed up in 30 days and has a short term visit pass.

On the other hand, for students planning to acquire a full-term degree, diploma or certificate from Singapore’s institutes of education, they need to apply for a student pass.

Before applying for a student pass, you should be well versed with the different types of passes available for students. In all, there are 3 types of passes whose descriptions are given in the table below:

Type of Pass


Training Employment Pass

Foreign professionals earning at least SGD 3000 pm and undergoing practical training in Singapore

Work Holiday Pass

Students/Graduates in the age group of 18 and 25 years intending to work and holiday in Singapore

Training Work Permit

Students/ semi-skilled trainees undergoing practical training for up to six months

Once you have received the Registration Acknowledgement Letter from the school you plan to attend, it is advised to start gathering the required documents so that you get ample time for the visa petition process.
The documentation required for the study visa are listed below:
        1. Duly filled form 16 and form V36
        2. Proof of acceptance for admission from the institution
        3. A valid passport
        4. Completed student application form
        5. The receipt of the visa fee
        6. Proof of funds
        7. At least two passport size photos
        8. Statement of Purpose
        9. Academic certificates
        10. Health insurance (if required)
        11. Proof of English proficiency
        12. Student's bio-data
        13. Employment history (if applicable)

Cost of Singapore student visa petition is SGD 30 for registration and SG$60 for issuance.

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