Student Visa of Italy

Once you have decided what you want to study and in which university, you should start preparing for your student visa application as soon as possible and in order to do so, you should first be well-versed with the different student visa types.
     ● Visa type C: Short-stay visa or travel visa valid for one or more entries and for a period not exceeding 90 days
     ● Visa type D: Long-stay visa valid for more than 90 days

The visa processing time for Italy is 1-3 weeks standardly and you should apply for the visa 3 months prior your plans of arrival in Italy. To ease up your process we have compiled a list for all the documents that are required by the Italian Consulate when filling for a study permit.
     ❖ A valid passport, with at least two blank visa pages and valid for at least three months after the expected end date of your study program;
     ❖ A letter of acceptance from your institution in Italy;
     ❖ A completed visa application form;
     ❖ A copy of your itinerary to and from Italy,
     ❖ Proof of no criminal record;
     ❖ Proof of language proficiency in Italian or English (depending on the language of your study program);
     ❖ Proof of adequate financial means to support yourself (between €450 and €515 monthly);
     ❖ Proof of adequate accommodation in Italy;
     ❖ Proof of adequate medical insurance; and
     ❖ Proof you’ve paid the associated application fee.

Despite that, The Italian law on immigration requires that non-EU citizens, planning to stay in Italy for more than 3 months, have to apply for the residence permit within 8 working days from their arrival in Italy.

Working During Your Studies

Once arrived in Italy, you should get apply for a work permit as the non-EU nationals/students are only allowed to work if they comply with the following requisites:
     ● Valid work permit
     ● Formal job offer from the Italian based employer
However, the students are allowed to work for a maximum limit of 20 hours per week during studies and full time during the vacation period.

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