Study Visa Cyprus

Just like any other European country, you have to apply for a study permit and then for a Temporary Cyprus Residence Permit at the Cyprus Migration Department. This will allow you to study in Cyprus for more than 90 days, and works as a legal residence permit.

To be able to study in Cyprus, you need to obtain a Cyprus student visa. In order to do so, you will need the following documents in check:
   ● A completed and signed Cyprus entry visa application form.
   ● Your passport, valid for at least one more year, starting from the date of arrival into Cyprus.
   ● Four recent passport-sized pictures
   ● Letter of acceptance from the Cyprus educational institution.
   ● Originals of prior academic qualifications along with certified copies of them translated into English.
   ● Proof you have sufficient financial means to sustain yourself in Cyprus, such as
         ○ bank statements,
         ○ a scholarship, or
         ○ a letter of sponsorship.
   ● Certificate of police clearance issued in the past six months from police authorities in your country
   ● If you have a sponsor: A bank guarantee, issued by your sponsor’s bank, stating the sponsor will cover your costs of living and studying in Cyprus. The bank guarantee must be issued in the last six months.
   ● Travel health insurance.
   ● Any additional documents that your educational institution requires that you submit.
   ● A medical examination for hepatitis B and C, HIV and Syphilis and get a chest X-Ray to prove you do not have tuberculosis.

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