Best Universities in Italy

Italy has more than 85 universities out of which more than 25 universities have been constantly ranked amongst the topmost education institutes in the QS World University Ranking. In addition to this, Italy caters to one of the best institutions for medicine, the Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele.

Education System

The Italian Higher Education System includes:
The University sector is organized as follows:
      ○ Undergraduate Degree: Laurea
      ○ Graduate Degree: Laurea Magistrale
      ○ Postgraduate Degree (PhD): Dottorato di Ricerca
      ○ Specializing Masters and Continuing Education Programs

The Higher Education for Fine Arts, Music and Dance sector (AFAM- acronym for Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale):
AFAM institutions are divided as following:
      ○ Academies of Fine Arts (State and legally recognized)
      ○ Higher Schools of Design (ISIA)
      ○ State Music Conservatories
      ○ Higher Institutes for Musical Studies
      ○ National Dance Academy
      ○ National Academy of Drama

● Higher Technical Institutes (ITS – acronym for Istituti Tecnici Superiori):
The courses cover 6 main technological areas:
      ○ Energy efficiency
      ○ Sustainable Mobility
      ○ New Technologies for Life
      ○ Innovation Technologies for Cultural activities and Tourism
      ○ Information and Communication Technologies
      ○ New Technologies for Made in Italy

Now that you know about how the system of education in Italy is divided, it gets easier to know in which institute you should go for a brighter future in your field. However, the list for 10 of the top universities in Italy is as follows:
      1. University of Bologna
      2. University of Padua
      3. Sapienza University of Rome
      4. University of Milan
      5. University of Naples Federico II
      6. University of Pisa
      7. University of Turin
      8. University of Trento
      9. University of Florence
      10. University of Rome Tor Vergata

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