Best Universities In Lithuania

With a core value for history and a deep strive for technical advancement, thus ensuring a stronghold on both in the education sector. Proving this point, the universities of Lithuania have ranked in the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education rankings.

Education System

The Higher Educations system of Lithuania is divided into three following cycles:
● the first cycle is undergraduate (Bachelors)
● the second cycle is graduate (Master's, and/or specialized professional studies)
● the third one is postgraduate (Ph.D./Doctoral, residency, postgraduate in the Arts)

The higher education system of Lithuania aims to provide the students with more practical exposure than the theoretical one so that the students know about the employment world when they come out of the college. Thus the popularity of Lithuania is more than any other European country.

Cost of Education

At higher education institutions in Lithuania, tuition fees differ from institution to institution, depending on the level of studies and study program chosen by the student. Educational institutions announce their tuition fees annually.

Although the tuition fees of the degree programs ranges in accordance with the subject areas and universities, however, an average sum amount is given below:
● between 1,000–5,300 EUR per year for Bachelor's degrees
● between 2,200–6,500 EUR per year for Master's degrees
● between 7,100–8,500 EUR per year for PhD degrees

List of the top universities in Lithuania

Although every university is unique on its own and holds a special place in terms of the curricula taught to the students, we have compiled a list of the best universities that you could enroll in.
● Vilnius University
● Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
● Kaunas University of Technology
● Vytautas Magnus University
● Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
● Klaipeda University
● Mykolas Romeris University
● Šiauliai University

The majority of students enroll in the following courses:
● Business management
● Engineering
● Law degrees
● Medicine degrees
● Social sciences

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