Part-Time Jobs in Lithuania

As a foreign national studying abroad, the best bet that the students find is working part-time while their studies. Part-Time employment is one of the best options available to the students, as it provides a lot of experience and financial support.

But before doing so, one must be well versed with the work rights of the nation. All the international students in Lithuania are allowed to work for 20 hours per week, but only after receiving the temporary residence permit. However, the students pursuing Ph.D. are not liable to any working hour limits.

These work rights are automatically guaranteed with Visa D, so no additional permission for the work permit is required.
● There are a lot of Part-Time employment opportunities for students on their college premises.
       ○ Options such as working in the cafeteria, library, and supporting the administrative department are available to students.
● Reference- Students can discuss with their peers who are already working, and can join the same place.
● Few options that students can avail of outside their college premises are, working in an amusement park, grocery store, mall, showrooms, restaurants, fuel pumps, or even working from home, etc.

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