Student Visa for Lithuania

To be able to study in the Republic of Lithuania, you first need to apply for a study visa, and to do so proper knowledge of the visa type is required.

For all the non-European students, a Lithuanian Student visa, or as it is called, Visa D, is required in order to stay in Lithuania for a study program of more than 3 months or 90 days and then for a temporary residence permit.
● The cost for the student visa is 80 EUR and for the residence permit is 28 EUR.
● The Lithuania student visa processing time is 2 weeks, thus, you should start collecting all your documents (mentioned below) as soon as possible.
● A student needs valid health insurance when staying in the nation.

Documents for the Lithuanian Student D Visa:
● A completed and signed visa application form.
● Recent passport-sized photos.
● A valid passport.
● The university’s admission letter.
● Proof of sufficient financial resources of at least 150 EUR per month. This can be provided for example through bank statements.
● Details of your student accommodation arrangements and address.
● Your flight itinerary including your return flight.
● Student health insurance.

Documents for the Lithuanian Residence Permit:
● Valid student D visa.
● Valid passport.
● The residence permit application through MIGROS.
● Passport-size photographs.
● Proof of sufficient financial resources of at least 150 EUR per month.
● A police clearance certificate is issued by the police in your home country.
● Student health insurance.

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