Charan Singh

Branch Head - Hisar

    ● Managing and overseeing branch personnel, supervising branch operations, and ensuring efficient operation on a day-to-day basis.
    ● Improving productivity and streamlining branch activities to maximise results and achieve peak performance levels.
    ● Recognising employee achievements and encouraging excellence in the work
    ● Developing and implementing promotional plans
    ● Organising marketing activities and events for the branch
    ● Increasing brand awareness for the company within the community
    ● Interacting with customers on a regular basis to ensure satisfaction and gain useful feedback
    ● Resolving customer problems as needed
    ● Assessing market conditions and identifying opportunities
    ● Drafting forecasts and business plans
    ● Managing budgets, allocating branch funds, and defining financial objectives
    ● Coordinating with other branches to share knowledge, plan promotional activities, or achieve goals
    ● Adhering to high ethical and professional standards

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