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Canada Temporarily Lifts International Students’ Off-Campus Work Limits

Canada Temporarily Lifts International Students’ Off-Campus Work Limits

More than 6 Lakh international students in Canada breathed a sigh of relief when Sean Fraser, Canadian Immigration Minister, announces a substantial change for international students in Canada. In order to address Canada's historic labor shortages, the government agreed to temporarily waive the 20-hour work cap for overseas students starting from November 15, 2022, to December 31, 2023.

In Canada, employers are having trouble hiring and keeping the employees they need during this period of economic expansion and recovery. The Canadian government is taking measures to solve the severe labor shortages in numerous in-demand jobs around the country.

International students will aid in filling employment gaps in Canada

The temporary lifting of the 20-hour/week restriction on the number of hours post-secondary students are permitted to work off-campus was announced by the immigration minister, Sean Frazer on October 7.

From November 15, 2022, through December 31, 2023, international students who are permitted to work off-campus in accordance with the terms of their study permits will not be subject to the 20-hour/week restriction.

International students will also be allowed to take advantage of this brief relaxation if they have previously applied for a study visa as of October 7, 2022. The Canadian government’s strategy will not only provide students with more chances to obtain worthwhile job experience in Canada, but it will also boost the number of workers available to support and sustain the country’s post-pandemic prosperity.

This temporary move underscores the crucial role that international students may play in solving the current labor market shortages while pursuing their studies, especially with over 600,000 international students currently present in Canada to support this endeavor.

You may work additional hours each week off-campus as an international student in Canada if you satisfy the following criteria:

  • You're enrolled full-time at a designated learning institution (DLI), or you were previously enrolled full-time but are now enrolled part-time, and you're in your last semester of study to finish your degree.

  • You're enrolled in a post-secondary program that qualifies and is lasting at least six months.

  • Your course of study results in a degree, certificate, or diploma.

  • You've started your coursework.

  • You possess a Social Security number (SIN)

  • Your study permit grants you permission to work away from the university.

Benefits for international students:

This policy offers many crucial advantages for overseas students in addition to assisting Canada’s current labor shortages:

  • Students can increase their weekly earnings, which will enable them to pay for their tuition, living costs, and other fees.

  • This presents students with fresh chances to get professional experience in their sector, preparing them for success in the workplace later on.

  • Students who have the possibility to get more experience now will have a greater chance later on to obtain a post-graduate work permit and work in Canada full-time.

  • Students will be able to network and form important connections through employment, which can lead to future job success.

New Pilot to Automate Study Permit Extension Processing

This month, the IRCC also intends to begin a new pilot initiative. The goal of this pilot project is to automate the procedure for processing study permit extensions. This new pilot program’s applications have a remarkably high acceptance rate. Additionally, a select set of candidates who may see quicker processing times for study permit extensions will be a part of this test. The aim is to enhance customer service.

Other advantages of this initiative include a transition period for international students taking online courses and the chance to obtain an additional 18-month open work permit for those whose post-graduation work permits have expired or are about to expire.

International Student Immigration to Canada

The IRCC keeps raising the standards for immigration processing in response to the steadily increasing internet in Canada amongst international students from all over the world. The IRCC seeks to increase customer satisfaction, streamline application processing, lower application backlogs, and strengthen Canada’s immigration system. The time to apply for a study visa to Canada is right now!



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