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Australia: The Utmost Preferred Country

Study In Australia

Being among the highest-ranked happiest countries, Australia has nabbed a valuable position among the students pursuing their higher studies and aiming for a good future in the country. Maintaining the stance of being the most ideal study destination for foreign students, Australia promises educational superiority with its highly ranked colleges and universities.

Having a total of 1,100 educational establishments, the extent of courses to choose from increases to more than 25,000. Highly comparable, the pool of options to satisfy your requirements and needs regarding a particular program also expands. Another perk point is that the main language is English, so you will not have any language barriers unlike in Germany, Italy, and France.

Another factor that comes into play is the outlay that comes along with studying in a different nation apart from your home country. Maintaining an expenditure file for all your spending gets tougher and tougher day by day, therefore an estimated cost for all that is what you should take into account. Nonetheless, the general expenses are as follows:

Accommodation Costs
Hostels and guesthouses $90 to $150 per week
Shared rental $85 to $215 per week
On-campus $90 to $280 per week
Homestay $235 to $325 per week
Rental $165 to $440 per week
Other Living Expenses
Groceries and eating out $80 to $280 per week
Gas and electricity $35 to $140 per week
Phone and internet $20 to $55 per week
Public transport $15 to $55 per week
Entertainment   $80 to $150 per week

With the surety of making your study-abroad experience a memorable one, it does not jeopardize the quality of didactics. To ensure this, the Australian government invests around 200 million dollars per annum for providing a better life for international students. The major sectors for this are financial aids, scholarships, and grants for prospecting and current transnational scholars. So, yes, Australia too, offers scholarships, as opposed to the myths. Some of the popular scholarships are:

      ● VU International Excellence Scholarship
      ● Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship
      ● Academic Excellence Scholarships Recognizing Outstanding Performance in Undergraduate Studies
      ● Vice Chancellor's Academic Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships
      ● Western Sydney International Scholarships
      ● Destination Australia Scholarships
      ● The UNSW Global Academic Award
      ● International Student Academic Merit Scholarship
      ● International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship
      ● International Student Support Nursing Scholarship
      ● CDU Global Excellence Award


Apart from these scholarships, there are a few universities that provide aids covering health benefits. These are from the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, and the Australian National University (ANU).

Apart from this, the Aussie people acknowledges the traditional ethics and values through their food and customs. So, throughout your stay in Australia you will experience the ethnicity along with the freedom to express yourself the way you want.

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