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One of the most critical aspects of going to study abroad is how the entire process is handled by the education consultants guiding you. With Turning Point North India’s leading overseas educational consultants, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Turning Point with an excellent track record of over 30 years of service is a trusted name in the delivery of quality assistance to students from all over Northern India.

Career Counselling 

Turning Point has counselors who provide specialized, comprehensive and unbiased information to the students. Individual counseling is given taking into account the student’s background, aptitude, interest and future career aspirations.

Selection of Programs

We help students to choose the right course which is in sync with their future career goals. Courses ranging from aviation to hospitality to welfare studies are available to the international students.

Selection of University

Selection of University is a crucial part of the whole process. We give numerous options of colleges/universities to the students to do their own research on institution’s accreditations, infrastructure, terms and conditions of enrolment, refund policy and then select one and sign up the application forms. It’s important for the students to understand that Turning Point takes no responsibility of any dispute between the student and the institution as students and institutions both are into a separate agreement/terms and conditions signed between them and Turning Point has no role to play in that. Therefore the final selection of an institution is the responsibility of the students. While guiding the students, we consider various factors like the academic background, test scores, particular location preference and their goals and ambitions. We understand the various university requirements and guide the students accordingly.

Assistance in Application Processing and Scholarships

Preparing the application pack is the first important step towards getting an admission. We assist students in preparing the application packets by ensuring that all required documents are in place thereby enhancing their chance of admission. Most universities offer some scholarships. Each has its own eligibility criteria. We guide in providing information and assistance in helping students to apply for these scholarships or other financial aid that may be on offer to international students.

Test Preparation

Certain tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, PTE are often required by many universities. Where students wish to take up preparatory help for any of the required tests, we can provide the same through our associates who are we experts in this.

Visa counseling

Our team of visa counsellors guides students to scrutinize and organize their visa papers as per the requirements/guidelines of the respective Embassies/high Commission so as to enhance their visa success. Where necessary we carry out mock interviews so that the students are better prepared to face the visa interview. We are not a visa agent/immigration agent or a recruitment agency for employment abroad. Students are required to apply student visa/permit to the respective Embassy/High Commission directly.

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TPSC is a leader in international student placement services. For more than 30 years, TPSC has played a significant role in the education industry. During this time, Turning Point has counseled thousands of students for placement in quality institutions.

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