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Your Comprehensive Guide To Study In Germany

There has always been a surge about going to European countries for higher studies among the students, Germany to specify. But why is it? What is so special about it? What are the requirements and are there any scholarships in Germany for international students? Breathe a sigh of relief, we’ve covered all for you in this section!

Why German Study?

Germany has become a magnet and is luring foreign students for the excellent educational paradise that they provide. With over 175+ universities and more than 2000 courses, the German universities have touched every niche of the subject area, assuring you of the availability of the course of your choice. With the degrees being globally recognized, you get to experience world-class education while simultaneously opening myriad opportunities.

While so, Germany has a vast and vibrant history in conjunction with a touch of modernity, making it a fascinating choice for students all across the globe. As the number of students is heightening year by year, currently there are over 360,000 overseas students studying in German universities.

Despite the fact that the education provided is top-notch, living expenses in Germany are far less and are unparalleled. The cost of living mainly ranges due to the house rents, but with smart financial planning, the living expenses for international students also become inexpensive and in the budget range of students.

Germany is the safest country to live and study in. With the forebode of keeping international students secure, the federal-state has established a Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (FADA). The agency aims to be at the disposal of anyone and everyone who has experienced any kind of discrimination on any rationale.

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