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UKVI latest policy changes COVID-19 July 2020

This is very important to know for the students that it is now mandatory for them to follow steps below before they fly to the UK for their studies.

UKVI latest Policy changes are as follows:

Students and their Dependents before 48 hours of travel time to the UK are required to fill a form called Public Health Passenger Locator form, which students can download from UKVI website, print its copy or they can save it in their mobile to show to at the Immigration check-in point

It is required for UKVI authorities to know your location in the UK, it is being done because of COVID-19 spread.

14 days quarantine is mandatory and therefore, students have to book their accommodation at a hotel or any place and pay them in advance, take a payment receipt, which will be asked at the Immigration counter at the port of arrival. Your address in the above-said form has to be the same, which you have booked and paid for. If you skip following these steps then you are not allowed to travel to the UK. Just to remind you all this has to be done at least 48 hours before your travel time.

The link is given below.

Please read the information at the link carefully.


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