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Why Study in Australia?

We aren’t talking about foreign countries here, it’s about a whole CONTINENT! Australia is a place known for its scintillating scenery and exotic wildlife. But more than just being eye candy for tourists from all over the world, it’s also the 3rd most popular destination for international students, only behind the US and UK, to study and work.

There are a lot of reasons for this affection towards Australia as a leading studying destination, and we will delve into the 6 main ones –

1. Quality Education –

Australia has a lot of world-class institutions which are internationally recognised as being successful providers of innovative and practical knowledge to every student which enrols with them. The curriculum focuses more on the practicalities around a particular concept and thus, provides ample opportunities to a student for its creative evolvement. The student support system in almost all universities in Australia ensures that life after college is also sorted for the student. The University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, and Australian National University, are some of the leading institutions where international students can secure their seat. Accountancy, Architecture, Business and Management, and Law, are some of the in-demand courses with high job prospects in Australia.

2. Friendly Student Visa Policies

Australia is very amiable with foreign students and promotes education in Australia as a rewarding thing to do, with its high-class teaching and adequate job opportunities. In that regard, it’s policies around inducting foreign students for their degree programs follows the simple procedure of applying, evaluating and acceptance. Apart from the easy policies around providing student visas, most of the Universities also provide scholarships and accommodations to every student and thus, support the government’s initiative to promote Education for All.

3. Diverse cultural portfolio

30% of Australian citizens are born overseas, and this is enough testimony to the fact that Australia is a very cordial and tender place for international students, and invites cultural diversity as a necessity for its wholesome development as an evolving nation. Australia has always been very clear in representing itself as a favourable destination to study and settle, and it shows in its transparent legal system and warm foreign policies. Needless to say, anyone who visits Australia will eventually start feeling at home, since such a mix of race and cultures is bound to grip them in one whole religion which celebrates diversity as a part and parcel of living on this planet.

4. Safety

Australia had earlier been subject to some racial tensions, especially with the Indians, but all of this is in the past. Australia is now regarded as a country with one of the lowest crime rates, with open and safe public spaces for everyone irrespective of their race or colour. The government policies and people’s perceptions around other cultures have been revamped to inculcate diversity as a necessity for the growth and evolvement of Australia, as a nation!

5. Exotic locations and paradise for travellers

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy! Well, Jack in Australia can never feel dull, owing to the exciting outdoor adventures and breath-taking scenery he can enjoy and indulge in. Australia has a lot of vast spaces, rough terrains, and golden beaches, to enjoy and cherish. The diversity of humans found in Australia is not the only diversity it has, since it also resides some of the world’s rarest species of animals found nowhere else in the world. Australia has a lot of scenic beauty and most of it can be attributed to the fact that natural beauty is appreciated and protected for better sustainability. Air pollution is negligible and cities are filled with green lush areas and brimming wildlife.

6. High standard of living and opportunities

Australia is regarded as a trusted destination for international students as the quality of living in Australia is well above average of the world. The infrastructure, healthcare, transport, education, and government services are regarded highly for their novel approaches and quality service.


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We have tried to club all the reasons as to why studying in Australia would be the best decision you can probably make for your career, but there are still so many reasons that it is difficult to cover all of them! Nevertheless, Australia is a ‘dream destination’ for international students and experience of living in Australia is ‘dream-like’.

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