Study in Denmark: A Guide for Indian Students

The happiest country of the world, Denmark has made its mark by being consistently ranked in the top 10 best countries to live. With its highly valued educational methodologies and a strong emphasis on practical knowledge, Denmark is a growing nation in terms of being a study abroad nation and attracting overseas students with the amenities it provides.

Furthermore, there are countless reasons as to why this nation is continuing to allure myriad scholars.
      ● Globally recognized universities- Denmark stands at 10th position in the world for providing top-notch education.
      ● One of the largest economies- Denmark is 8th in world’s highest economy ranking, making it a suitable country for budding entrepreneurs.
      ● Safest country- it is one of the innocuous nations with the least crime rates.
      ● English-taught courses- the programs in most of the universities and colleges are taught in English.
      ● Minimum tuition fees- although EU/EEA students can study for free in Danish universities, the cost of education for international students is also less as compared to other European nations.
      ● Free Danish language lessons- the government of Denmark offers free language classes for international students.
      ● Free visa for 25+ countries- since Denmark comes under the Schengen region, the student having a Danish visa can visit other Schengen nations.
      ● Happiest nation- Denmark is ranked amongst the pinnacle countries that are considered the happiest.

Around 90% Danish people converse in English, thus the language barrier gets non-existent. Nonetheless, learning Danish will prove to be a good experience as you will get to know more about the culture and will grow your conversational levels.

In addition to these, most of Denmark's population is of the young adults making acquainting with others easier. Another interesting fact about the Danes (Danish people) is that they prefer bicycles for commuting, which is lighter for the pockets and the environment.

Education System

The educational system of Denmark is divided into four:
      ● Artistic Higher Education Institutions- these institutes provide research and/or artistically based courses for under graduation and post graduation.
      ● Universities- they offer research-based undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
      ● University Colleges- these offer Academy Profession and professional Bachelor's courses
      ● Business Academies- these are the short-cycle higher education institutes that provide Academy Profession and joint Bachelor's degree courses
      ● Adult education- these are the self-governing institutions providing life-long learning. Individual courses are offered under the Act on Open Education, either at college or university.

Living expenses

Cost of Living (per month)


2,500 - 4,000 DKK


200 DKK

TV Licence

100 DKK

Books and supplies

150 DKK

Mobile phone

150 DKK


1,500-2,000 DKK


300 DKK

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