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Give Wings To Your Dreams To Study In Ireland

Ireland has been invariably stratified in the top 20 countries across the globe for remarkable life quality, peace, and development. This country is acknowledged for the warm and welcoming nature of the Irish people, owing to being one of the safest countries. Apart from this, the nation is a perfect assortment of countryside life and urban habits.

With the globally recognized universities, Ireland is continuing to grow its magnetism for international students. Promising a uniform quality education, the Irish government closely regulates pedagogy via the National Framework of Qualifications (NFF).


The educational institutions of Ireland come under the top 1% of the world in terms of research and innovation. Proving the fact, Ireland is known as the hub for quality scientific research. Moreover, it is home to more than 1500 multinational companies, providing never-ending opportunities to students from foreign nations.


A modern and strong economy for the Information Technology, Pharma, and Finance sector makes Ireland a robust nation to pursue your higher studies in these fields. The plus point is that the tuition fees are minimal as compared to other nations, that is why it is the favorite choice for the study abroad aspirants.

Study Program
Average fees(in EUR)
Undergraduate Program € 9,000 – € 45,000 per year
Postgraduate master’s Program € 9,500 – € 37,000 per year
Doctoral Degree € 9,000 – € 30,000 per year

The Irish universities have two main intakes, Fall Semester that is in the month of September, and Spring Semester, which starts in the month of January. Although, for studying in Ireland, you need to get a definite score on the English proficiency test.
      ●   Diploma programs: IELTS overall band score of 5.5 & TOEFL: 75
      ●   Bachelor’s Degree: IELTS overall band score of 6.0 & TOEFL: 80
      ●   Masters Programs: IELTS overall band score of 6.0 & TOEFL: 80

Ireland studies give you a boost, both culturally and didactically. If you are planning on pursuing your master’s in Ireland, you are going to be a part of one of the fastest increasing economies. And if you are planning on recommencing your studies, then there’s good news for you. The study gaps in your educational journey don’t matter if you can provide a strong justification for it.

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