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Study in Italy: Know Everything

When thinking about the magnificent cuisine in the world, the first name that pops up in the mind is la italia, Italy. Not just the tastiest food, Italy is a home to the world’s oldest university, The University of Bologna, the one that gives its city the nickname- the learned one.

Not just an attraction to the tourists and travelers with the numerous world heritage sites, Italy has marked its position in the study abroad destinations. The first and foremost advantage of studying in Italy is the fact that English language proficiency proof in terms of IELTS/TOEFL is not required in most of the colleges and universities.

Another reason that allures the students is that Italy ranks at the 8th most industrialized country in the whole world, thus making employment rates rise high. The industries brands range from ship building, aircraft commercial vehicles, electrical goods, and textiles.

Some of the unavoidable reasons to study in Italy are as follows:
         ● Excellence in Research, Science and Creativity
         ● Outstanding educational system based on solid notions, scientific method and creative approach
         ● Development of complex problem solving, critical thinking and flexibility
         ● Wide offer of courses also in English in a dynamic and pleasant environment
         ● Extremely warm & co-operative people
         ● 6 months stay back available
         ● You’d be at the height of fashion and art

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