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One Stop Solution: A Guide To Study In The Netherlands

Being an important influential nation, Netherlands has been ranked amongst one of the most favorable study abroad destinations. Having attractive social scenes and active nightlife this beautiful nation has become one of its own in terms of being student-centric. A combination of both, loud music and peaceful sites, Netherlands is home to the world’s finest universities.

When you make the decision to pursue your higher studies from the Netherlands, you are certain to experience visionary architecture, contemporary fashion, and tons of street markets.

Moreover, it is known as the gateway to Europe owing to its geographical location. Doesn’t matter if you are travelling within the Netherlands or outside, the European nation is not the one to miss out if you seek beauty and adventures. Since the Netherlands come under the Schengen countries, you are at the liberty to travel to the other Schengen nations without requiring any additional visa.

Of all the many reasons, here are some of the most conventional yet exceptional ones are listed below:
      ● Internationally recognized universities- Netherlands offers more than 22,000 courses in a wide range of subject areas. In addition, 13 universities rank amongst the top 500 QS World University Rankings.
      ● Diverse and plural society- Around 18% of the population of Netherlands is constituted by international residents, making it a unique multicultural country.
      ● English: mode of instruction- This is the only non-anglophone country where over 95% of the population speaks English making it easier for international students to blend in.
      ● Affordable living expenses- Netherlands is one of the countries that has low cost of education as well as living expenditures as compared to other study abroad destinations.
      ● Innovative teaching methods- The Dutch education system is recognized for its high quality and unparalleled didactics, offering an interactive and student-centered style.

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