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A Complete Guide To Study In Singapore

Apart from being one of the welcoming and safest countries, Singapore ranks amongst the top most preferred study abroad destinations from students all over the world. Singapore has emerged to being the top 11th study destination all across the globe and the number 1 in Asia.

Although Singapore is a small island inclusive of various other islands, it has made a huge mark in the realms of education providers. The government of Singapore also takes great care of its educational providers. Perhaps expectedly, Singapore has its National Quality Assurance Agency for Education Systems.

Another plus point is that the education provided is highly affordable and the tuition fees are extensively low as compared to other study abroad destinations while offering analogous quality of education.

Moreover, the Singapore government ensures the safety of foreign students and thus has established Student Protection Scheme and Fee Protection Schemes.


Why Singapore?


A global reputation for academic excellence

Broadening the horizons of education for students, the universities of Singapore offer more than 1000 courses in various study areas to choose from.

Top industry connections

Having a strong and growing economy, Singapore has close ties with leading industries all over the world. Moreover, it is a chief centre for aerospace, precision engineering, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

A cosmopolitan society

Students coming from different countries and ethnicities make this country even more lively as everyone is respectful towards different religions and cultures. In addition, there are four official languages of Singapore - English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

A high quality of life

Being a developed country and situated at a supreme graphical location, Singapore is home to a sound legal system, efficient city planning, and a rich culture of art, food, and natural scenery.

A safe and secure environment

Singapore is a safe country with low crime rates and a stable political institution, making sure that the laws are enforced strictly. This makes the nation rank up the ladder of the preference list made by the students when choosing a country for their higher studies.



Educational Cost

While the cost of education varies in accordance with the university and the particular course, the average tuition fee (Singapore dollars) is given in the table below:

Course Type
Tuition Fee Per Year
Direct Payment Tuition Fee Payable

Non-laboratory based

$23,320 - $38,740

$9,540 - $18,500


$23,320 - $36,550

$9,930 - $11,370

All Polytechnics

$15,000 - $18,000






Course Level
Approximate Fees

PG courses

$17,000 to $35,000

UG courses

$24,000 to $38,000

International Baccalaureate

421,000 to $42,000


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