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Progressively attracting more and more foreign students, Hungary is certainly making its mark on the list of higher education study destinations. Hungary offers top quality education for bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. degrees. Proving the fact, many Hungarian universities are acknowledged in the QS World University Rankings.

The degrees or certification from Hungary are recognized throughout the globe. With a huge number of colleges and universities, the course range touches every aspect of the areas of subject, from medical programs like nursing, pharmacy, or MBBS to programs in social sciences, journalism, and hospitality.

To name a few appealing factors which are prominently observed that students look for when choosing Hungary, as their study abroad country are as follows:

        ◆ Great discounts-students get various discounts on their student identity card provided by the university or an international card (known as ISIC). The rebates are on a lot of things, like public transport, at sports venues, and for cinema tickets.
        ◆ Reasonable rates of accommodation- as an international student, it is important to find a safe and secure place to stay while still staying on budget. Hungarian universities have an ESN (Erasmus Student Network) section, especially designed to help students with their accommodations.
        ◆ Upto 50% off on public transport- companies like Budapest Transport Limited (BKV), The Hungarian Railways (MÁV), and Volán accepts the student identity card and provides discounts based on the    company’s stature.
        ◆ IELTS is not mandatory- in many universities and colleges, the English language proficiency exam results are not required.
        ◆ Highly affordable living expenses- the cost of living in Hungary is minimal as compared to other overseas study destinations.
        ◆ No academic entrance exams- apart from medical fields, there are no examinations for admissions in Hungarian education institutes.
        ◆ Medical insurance- An international social insurance card (EHIC) is issued to the students with which they can receive treatments at the same cost as the citizens.

Being a part of the European Union, a Hungarian student having a schengen visa can travel to other schengen areas, without special visas and resident permits. Moreover, the stay period after the completion of studies is 9 months.

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