Why Study in Spain?

The friendly people, the laid-back relaxed environment and lifestyle. Apart from this the warm weather, low cost of living and studying, vibrant nightlife and exquisite natural delights are just a few of the numerous reasons why Spain is on the top of international students list for study abroad locations. Spain is the third largest country in Europe, and while that might sound rather daunting to a prospective international student. We should just think about the amount of places that you can visit. Whether you want to travel north to south or east to west, transport within Spain is cheap and fast. Moreover, Spain boasts a vast variety of cities and towns that are more than ideal for studying abroad. If you want to experience a large international city that moves quickly but still has that Spanish charm, Barcelona or Madrid are for you. Other than this, If you're craving a step back into history with a slower, southern pace, studying abroad in Sevilla or Granada will be right up your alley. Further if we talk about Life in Spain, it is one big fiesta and no one throws a fiesta like the Spanish. From seeing the bulls run in Pamplona, to a city light up in flames for Las Fallas in Valencia, to throwing tomatoes in Bunol, it's a country that impresses the world. Parades, carnivals and bonfires happen throughout the year you'll definitely get the chance to catch something if you're studying in Spain.

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