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Excel Your Duolingo English Test With Us

Learning a language is never a piece of cake, you need to dedicate enough time and practice regularly in order to gain expertise. But with perseverance and commitment, you can learn and even converse like a native speaker. But why learn it, you may ask? And how to enroll in a Duolingo prep course? Worry not, you are at the right place. We have all the answers to your queries!<

Duolingo English Test

This test is specially designed to grade the candidate’s proficiency levels in English. It is developed by a well-known online linguistic training platform, the Duolingo learning app itself. With the motto to provide universal availability of top-notch education to the clientele, the amenities and services offered are phenomenal. To list a few:
● Convenient The ease of taking the test any time of any day at any place in the world
● Prompt duration The test can be concluded in 45 - 60 mins
● Reasonable price The cost of this test is extremely nominal, accounting for $49
● Fast results The test score is received within 48 hours
● Reliable It is widely approved by 1000s of highly-ranked universities globally.

Unlike other English language tests, you can send your results directly to the universities just by the click of a mouse. And no, you don’t pay any additional dime for it.

There are 10 types of questions attributed for assessing your English skills. The scores are calculated based on four subscores: literacy, comprehension, conversation, and production. The score ranges from 0-160 and is comparable with IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and CEFR. A characteristic feature of the test is that with every right answer, the difficulty of the next question increases.

Who Is This For?

This is a fundamental test for students wishing to pursue their education from abroad. With its remote facility, it becomes a preferable choice for many aspirants. Moreover, it is widely accepted by thousands of institutes in various countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Japan. It is seen in many colleges that the admission requirements necessitate this test.

Duolingo Test Pattern

The test includes three major steps overall: the setup, the adaptive test, and the video interview+writing test.

The setup

Constituting approximately 5 minutes, this is a preliminary step that ensures that you are ready to take the test. In this stage, you will be directed to check if your microphone and camera work fine, followed by submission of your ID. As a final measure, Duolingo will guide you through the test rules and regulations.

The Adaptive Test

Once you commence the exam, you will be provided with listening, reading, writing, and speaking questions one-on-one. The format of it could be from:
● Write/Speak what you hear
● Write/Speak about the picture
● Write/Speak the answer to a short essay-type question
● Select the words that you hear
● Read a sentence
● Complete the phrase

The Video Interview and the Writing Test

In both these sections, you will be given two question choices out of which you will have to answer one. For the video interview, you are required to speak about the topic for 1-3 minutes, and for the writing test, the time period provided is 3-5 minutes.

Some of the essential test requirements are a valid ID (passport, driver’s license, or any government ID), reliable and fast-paced internet connection, peaceful and well-lighted room, supported web-browser (opera/chrome), and a computer device having a microphone, front-facing camera, and speakers.

To gain a better understanding of the test and its components, click here for the video template as provided by the Duolingo app.

Why Choose Turning Point?

Now comes the most important question, how to start preparing for this English proficiency test and how to start learning with Duolingo? We, at Turning Point, prepare the students from the very basics. We offer bite-sized lessons and writing samples to provide you with a basic understanding of the test. Apart from this, we also give you daily Duolingo speaking topics that will guide you throughout. All within the specific time limits in order to complete the test so as to inculcate the time management skill.

Our instructors have considerable experience and they all have a zeal to help the students. Alongside, the subject matter provided to the students has been created by experienced and expert trainers in the field.

Consistency is the key to master anything. Scoring a good number in this exam is not off the list. For this, we will provide you with routine practice tests with increasing difficulty levels.

Our Duolingo online coaching has regular weekly classes to guide you thoroughly throughout the batch. With regular grading and assessments of tests, one-on-one attention is given to students informing them of their mistakes and providing tactics for working smartly in a time-saving manner honing the modules.

Study Packages

The package offered by Turning Point consists of preparatory online classes for grammar, vocabulary enhancement, and fundamental understanding of the examination. With our E-learning portal, we aim at providing the best coaching possible.

Online Duolingo Classes Package

● Live lecture curriculum
● Morning and evening batches
● 90 minutes each session
● Daily doubt solving sessions
● Weekly scheduled classes for every module
● Mock tests
● Daily new vocab and grammar lessons
● Multiple assessments and quizzes for daily practice
● Duolingo English test sample questions pdf

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